The Gathering 2013 : Copywriting brief

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 01.55.24Lisa Maria Murphy

 The gathering brief.

Mature Irish male voice over:

Where would you find:

The friendliest people in the world?

The craic?

The best atmosphere?

The freshest air?

The best homemade stew?

The home of the oldest stout?

The best Sunday breakfast?

The best pubs?

The strongest patronage?

The greenest countryside?

The greatest traditional music?

The most un-spoilt landscape?

The un-touched shore lines?

The quaintest harbour villages?

The freshest fish?

The highest cliffs?

The history?

The oldest stories?

The gaeltacht?

The plushest golf courses?

The biggest surfing waves?

The greatest rivers for kaykaking?

The nicest scenery?

The hospitality?

The biggest hearts?


But most importantly where would find the heritage of your ancestors?




Will you be there for the gathering 2013?

It’s your chance to visit the hidden gem of Europe that has so much to offer.



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